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Please register early for the exciting fall sessions designed to help you become a more effective educator, researcher, and academic leader!

  • Click on the Educational Opportunities  link above to view and register for fall Faculty Development Seminars and Workshops and monthly Medical Education Grand Rounds. 
  • Use the Resources link above to go to the UCHC GCRC site and take advantage of videobased educational courses.  
  • Stay informed about national development and leadership opportunities through AAMC and others by clicking on External in the Educational Opportunities section.
  • Click on the Resources links to view Powerpoints from past  Faculty Development Workshops and Medical Education Grand Rounds.  
  • The Resources pages also identify external training opportunities and on-line resources.  We have permission to use the brief handouts from the University of New Mexico to make your lectures or presentations more effective!

We are interested in your feedback, so send us information you find, and let us know how we may better facilitate our culture of excellence and life-long learning.

Thank you,

Jeri Hepworth, Ph.D., Director, Faculty Development Programs (hepworth@uchc.edu)

Steven R. Bergmann, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs (bergmann@uchc.edu)

Donna L. Patterson, Program Coordinator, Faculty Development (dpatterson@uchc.edu)


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