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Faculty Development programs at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine promote academic success through seminars and workshops related to academic advancement, and personal and educational leadership.

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Workshops and Seminars

Academic Advancement Workshops are targeted for faculty who wish to better understand the process of academic advancement and for those who will soon prepare their nomination packets for consideration for promotion. Each workshop includes overviews of general information and opportunities for faculty to discuss their specific categories and questions.

Academic Advancement I : Understanding the Academic Categories and Promotion System

Designed for faculty hired within the last 3 years, this workshop describes the academic advancement process, the categories and tracks available for faculty, and provides suggestions for success. Small break out sessions allow faculty to learn more about the criteria and strategies for documentation for their unique academic category.

Academic Advancement I is now available on Mediasite

This video presentation is designed for tenure track, in-residence track and affiliated track faculty appointed within the last three (3) years, or faculty in those tracks who have never attended one of these workshops. Ideally, one would attend in the first year of the initial faculty appointment. This video describes the academic advancement process, the faculty tracks and categories, and provides suggestions for success.  NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS NOT YET BEEN UPDATED TO REFLECT THE NEW MEDICAL RESEARCHER CATEGORY OR THE 2016 REVISIONS TO THE MEDICAL EDUCATOR CATEGORY.  TO LEARN ABOUT THOSE CATEGORIES, REFER TO APPENDIX B OF THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BYLAWS.

Academic Advancement I:


Academic Advancement II: Refresher for those in the Medical Educator and Clinician-Scholar professional categories

Designed for junior faculty, this refresher workshop reviews promotional criteria and uses small group consultation to help faculty review their accomplishments and make choices about future activities for academic success and promotion. Participants bring CVs and brief descriptions of curricula or services developed (if any) for review and discussion. Associate Professors in these categories working toward the next promotion will find this workshop useful as well.

Academic Advancement II will not be videotaped. If you wish an on-line refresher, please view Academic Advancment I.

Academic Advancement III: Preparing Your Promotion Package 

This workshop is for faculty who will seek promotion in the next academic year. The workshop describes the criteria for promotion for all faculty categories and tracks, the promotion process, and the Senior Appointments and Promotion Committee (SAPC). Faculty will consider strategies for active participation in this process, including effective presentation of their accomplishments and selection of references.

Academic Advancement III is now available on Mediasite


Academic Advancement III:

This video presentation is designed for faculty in the tenure, in-residence and affiliated tracks who will be nominated for promotion in the next cycle. This video describes the components of your nomination package and advises about how you can manage your preparation for being nominated for promotion and/or tenure. NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS NOT YET BEEN UPDATED TO REFLECT THE NEW MEDICAL RESEARCHER CATEGORY OR THE 2016 REVISIONS TO THE MEDICAL EDUCATOR CATEGORY.  TO REVIEW THE PROMOTION CRITERIA FOR THOSE CATEGORIES, REFER TO APPENDIX B OF THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BYLAWS. THIS VIDEO WILL STILL BE USEFUL TO YOU AS IT DESCRIBES STRATEGIES FOR PREPARING YOUR PERSONAL STATEMENT, SELECTING REFEREES, AND PACKAGING THE EVIDENCE YOU HAVE MET THE CRITERIA FOR PROMOTION.

Faculty  and Personal Development Videos are available here:  http://somfacdev.uchc.edu/resources.aspx?type=1&headertitle=Uconn Health Center Educational Resources

Medical Education Grand Rounds is a monthly presentation focused on the educational innovations. CME is provided. 

http://health.uconn.edu/academic-affairs/medical-education-grand-rounds/  When you go to this link, if you then click on “Mediasite” you will be taken to a full archive of presentations.

We are interested in your feedback, so send us information you find, and let us know how we may better facilitate our culture of excellence and life-long learning.

Thank you,

Jacqueline S. "Kiki" Nissen, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean,Graduate Medical Education and Faculty Affairs

Donna L. Patterson
Program Coordinator, Faculty Development




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