Resources From Past Faculty Development Workshops

Resources from Past Workshops
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Pearls from Myers-Briggs Powerpoint

This is the powerpoint presentation from the faculty development workshop given by Jeri Hepworth, PhD and Carol Pfeiffer, PhD.

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Implicit Stereotype-based Bias: Potential Impact on Faculty Career Development

View this presentation by Dr. Molly Carnes, Professor, University of Wisconsin that was presented at UCHC on November 17, 2010. 

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Effective Teaching During Rounds

This workshop was presented by Steve Angus, M.D., and Dan Henry, M.D.

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How Can Adult Learning Principles Inform our Traditional Educational Formats?

This workshop was presented by  Thomas J. Van Hoof, MD, EdD.

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Writing Effective Narrative Evaluations

Dr. David Henderson, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, describes how to write effective narrative evaluations for students, residents and trainees. 

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Interactive Lectures, Presentation by Catherine Ross, Ph.D.

Dr. Catherine Ross, Director of Faculty Development at Wake Forest University,  presented Medical Education Grand web Rounds on February 10, 2012.  Although the interactive component can not be viewed, the powerpoint presentation may be useful to faculty.

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MedEdPortal 101:

Introduction and Next Steps

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Grigsby Leadership Workshop

R. Kevin Grigsby, MSW, DSW, helps academic health centers and professional organizations to improve individual performance of faculty and leaders, address the needs of women and underrepresented minorities, and link individual professional development to improved organizational performance.

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